How to update my X20's

Here is a guide to updating X20 frames. 


Make a backup file if you don’t have one.  

Make a note of the Server > Frame Configuration - settings. This does not carry over on the update and the settings will need to be reset. 

If you have multiple frames in parallel you will need to power them down and remove the USB cable connecting the units so they are all stand alone frames. (X20's or Spyders cannot be updated while in parallel or expansion). 

Now that the X20 frames are both Masters, Frame ID 0…Open your new version software(I'll use v4.0.1 for example) on your client side PC.

Open up the version software you want to update the frame to. In the properties window you will see the populated IP addresses of the X20's. When you select the IP address, where it normally prompts you to "connect" it will say "update now" this will take 15-20 minutes to go through the updating process. 

The front panel on the X20 will prompt you to Power Cycle Now during the update process.   You need to toggle the front button on the X20 to shutdown the frame(If you had used Remote Desktop Connection to remote into the X20 frame, the X20 front button will just flash when toggled and it will never power off, you need to go back into your remote session and click on the desktop then hit Alt, F4 and choose Shut down from the list then click OK.

*This is very important* Once the unit is powered off, unplug power for 15 seconds and plug back in and restart. 
(This is considered a Power Cycle)  

When the update has finished you will see the new version in the front panel(v4.0.1).  

Do the same process for all the units. (this can be done simultaneously just not being connected together). 

If you have issues putting the units back in parallel refer to the article "How to puts X20's in parallel" 

If you have any issues updating please contact Christie Technical Support: or 888-404-4001    

Posted 7/31/2013 6:01:03 AM by Joel.Turensky