Frame Error 1

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Frame Error 1


A frame error 1 message on the front panel states that the internal SBC (single board computer) has not booted up in the time allotted. The SBC runs on Windows XP or Windows 7 embedded.

This goes through the standard windows bootup process.


1.Spyder did not boot properly.  Reboot.

2.Listen for beep.  If no beep, then bad motherboard.

3.Remove lid, connect keyboard, mouse.  If DOS says “Check Sum Error” go into Bios and Load Optimized defaults.

4.If “Hard drive not found”, loose connection or bad HD.

5.Check to see if Vista Advanced Server starts.

6.Most common error is “USB error”, check USB cable from control board to mother board.

7.Check to see if Appstart is loading.  Appstart loads on boot up, which starts Vista Advanced Server.

8.If Appstart loads but Vista Advanced Server doesn’t, Appstart will usually display error. 


If motherboard does not beep unit needs to come in for RMA indicating: SBC failure 

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