How to add a Router

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How to add a Router

In this how to we are going to show a few ways to add a router and to verify that the X20 is controlling the router. 

1. The first way is to add the router in the initial building stage of your configuration in the GUI. On page 5/6 in the GUI there is a section labeled "Routers" 
-Select the "add" button. 
-Name the router, choose the router type, choose the connector and the number of Ins and Outs. 

2. Another way to add a router would be: tools > Routers > Add New Router 
-A second window will pop up. 
-Name the router, choose the number on Ins and Outs, Choose Router Type, patch to X20 internal, choose connector type. 

The Next step in building the router is to check your router patch. 
-First make sure the internal X20 routers are set to direct to layer. 

-Now in the drop down select the external router and make sure it is connected to "X20 internal." (Example - The DVI output 1 of the router is plugged into X20 input 2). 

-If this is a parallel configuration, you will need to manually patch the slave frames. i.e. X20 internal (Frame 1). 

Now that it is patch correctly, verify the settings in the properties window. 
-Select "show properties" 
-In this window, verify it is connected to to correct serial port (if it is serially connected). Or make sure you have the correct IP address added (if this is connected via IP). 

*Note: the "query now" is not a reliable test to verify router communication with X20. 

Now you can verify that the X20 is controlling the router. 
-Go to view > router x/y 
-Drill down to select the router 
-Click on the In and Out buttons, if you are clicking those you should see the buttons on your router change as you click the X/Y. 

Adding sources. 
-When you add a source you are going to refer to the input the source is plugged into the router not the X20. The Router outputs are what is coming into the X20 inputs. (see router patch). 

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