Using a Remote CPU

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Using a Remote CPU

A remote CPU is a Dell Power Edge (2U rack space on older models, newer models use 1U) that communicates to the X20 via USB. If multiple X20's are used, a USB hub will be required. We recommend a Cool Gear USB 2.0 hub.

If multiple X20's are used, use the A side USB coming out of the remote CPU to the B-side of the Cool Gear USB hub. Connect each X20's B side USB on the output board to the A side of the Cool Gear USB hub. The Cool Gear hub should hold the frame ID's that are populated on each X20's front panel. You can physically move the USB's to maintain the proper frame ID order.

The proper way to start up a remote CPU is to start up the Dell server and let it fully boot up. Once this has booted and you see the software populate, you will see a “USB shutting down” and it will show -1 inputs, -1 outputs on the title bar: 

Now you power up all the X20 hardware. Once the hardware is powered on, close the application by clicking the x in the upper right corner:

 The application will automatically re-start and start reading the hardware. Once it is complete, you want to make sure it reads all the inputs/outputs:

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