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Still Server

The Still server improves the loading time of stills for the X20 only. The Still server is a separate PC that is running our still server software.

The recommended specs for a still server- Note- Windows 8 not supported.

1.Graphics card must output DVI 2048×1200. 2.Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 Ghz CPU 3.Windows Vista/Windows 7 4.1000 MbitNetwork port 

The still server application works by connecting to the Spyder X20 with both an Ethernet and a DVI video connection. When a still image file needs to be loaded, the X20 sends the file and control commands which instruct the still server to display the image on its DVI output. The DVI signal is then captured directly into the memory at the X20 OpMon input(since renamed to Still Server Connection) and routed as needed through the system. 

Download and install our Still server software onto your still server PC.

You must now Enabled the Still Server in Vista Advanced. Go to Server\Still Server Configuration. Check the Still Server Enabled box, enter in the IP of the Still server PC and the select Apply Settings Now. The X20 will perform a soft reboot. Upon Reboot, you will see either a green(connected)\red Still Server message displayed at the bottom of Vista Advanced software 

If you are having issues with the still server here is one way to troubleshoot it: 

Verify specs:

-Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6Ghz CPU

-2048Mb RAM

-Windows Vista / Windows 7

-1000Mbit Network port

-DVI output supporting 2048x1200 resolution

Troubleshooting steps:

Hook up a monitor/mouse/keyboard to the still server. (Monitor in out 1, X20 plugged into out 2).

Open the application - if the screen goes black then it is opening in the wrong window.

In the still server software, change the output path of the still server. (You might need two monitors for this).

- Hook up two monitors. Monitor 1 set as main display and monitor (DVI out) set to 2.

- Make sure there isn't any firewalls on the still server computer.

- Open “screen resolution” and choose extended displays. X20 should be plugged into the“second” display by the end.

- Now open the“Still Server Version.”

- Whichever the“diagnostics window” is on click on tools > options. Still Server configuration should pop up on that same window, it might go over to the second display.

- In the Still Server Configuration window change “still server diagnostics window on monitor1” and “show main window on monitor 2”

- Now close the application and re-open it to see if it works.

- While the application is still running, unplug the second monitor and plug in the X20. 

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