Three or more X20's in Parallel

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Three or more X20's in Parallel

How to connect 3 or more X20’s in Parallel:

In this How To we are going to be connecting 4 X20’s inparallel.

It is highly recommended to use a 2.0 USB Hub when having more than 2 X20’s in parallel.

In a 3 or more parallel system using a hub you will need USB A-B cables. First the master will have the USB A cable plugged into the SBC coming out B into the Hub. Now all the slave frames will have USB B into the output boards going into USB A of the hub. See image for example. 

Using a USB Hub will expand the frames and have the Master(frame 0) be the true master, you will see “connecting to internal comm” on Frame 0 and “connecting to external comm” on the slave frames. Unlike a 2 parallel system, a three or more system using a hub will make the Master SBC run the system. You may need to remote into the master frame and accept hardware found if the system doesn’t expand. If you have any external control it will be plugged into the master frame since its SBC is driving the expansion.

If you choose not to use a USB hub (which is not recommended).You will plug in A on Frame 0 to B of the rest of the frames. This limits you to 4 units in parallel because there are only three USB A ports on the back ofthe X20. This will also change which frame is driving the expansion. One of the slave frames will populate with the IP address on the Master Frame. You will need to remote into the slave and accept hardware found. Also keep in mind that any external control will need to be connected to the slave that is driving the expansion. 

For building a parallel configuration and adding routers see:  Parallel Configuration

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