Cisco SG-300 Network Configuration

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Cisco SG-300 Network Configuration

Cisco SG-300 Network Configuration

I.                    Networking Using the Cisco SG-300

A.      Configure the IP and settings on the Cisco Switch.

1.       Open a Web Browser and type in the default IP of the Cisco switch,

Hint: Be sure your laptop is also set to the same Network ID.

2.       Login to the Cisco switch.  The default username is cisco and the default password is cisco.

3.       Navigate to Change the Device IP Address.

4.       Change the Cisco switch to the same Network ID scheme.  Be sure to keep this consistent.

5.       Navigate to the Multicast tab then Properties and enter in the below settings:

 6.       Navigate to the Multicast IGMP Snooping.  Make sure it is enabled and then click the satellite button and then Edit:

7.       Configure with the following settings:




Apply the changes.
















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