Updating Spyder 200/300 from 2.X.X to 4.0.X

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Updating Spyder 200/300 from 2.X.X to 4.0.X

How to update Spyder units running v2.X.X to latest version software.

Setting frames into master mode
**Before beginning, create a backup file of your configuration(File/Backup)**
**Take a screenshot or make a note of all the global settings. go to server>frame configuration.**

If you want to update to our latest version (v4.0.X) and the Spyder is running 2.X.X, you will need to use the Spyder Update Utility in order to make that jump and send us a license request after update has completed. See EX.1 for detailed instructions.


Keep in mind that all Spyder’s must be in Master Mode(Frame ID 0) when performing an update.  So if you have an expansion group of frames they must all be put into Master mode frames before you can update.  See EX.2  for detailed instructions.


If the Spyder frames are running v3.5.X or v4.0.X and you are updating to latest version(4.0.7 in this example) you do not have to use the Spyder Update Utility.  Put each frame into Master Mode (Frame ID0) and using your v4.0.7 software, go to connection manager, highlight the IP address of the frame you want to update and select the Update tab. Takes 10-15 minutes. You do not need to send a license request.




You can log into the sharefile to access the downloads by following this link:


If you do not have a log in you will need to register by following this link:



Download your desired version and install it onto your Client PC.   Suite 2005 is where you find v2.10.x, Suite 2009 is v3.10.x and Suite 2012 is v4.0.x


Now you need to download, install and run the Spyder Update Utility.



After installing the update utility follow the instructions and step on the application. 

The update(or back rev) process will take 1-2 + hours.  The front panel will show what version is installed on the frame.


After the update is completed you will need to load a new license file onto each frame. In Vista Advanced, go to Help/License Manager





Email the license request file to techsupport-az@christiedigital.com. In the email, explain what it is that you are requesting(i.e.updated from v2.10.4 to v4.0.6 for example)  We will then send the license files back to you which you can load to each frame using the License Manager.


Spyder update things to look for after updating software.

Server/FrameConfiguration/Global settings  Field Rate.  (Check that Field Rate is correct.  It automatically switches to NTSC.)

                                                                                             Spyder Port-Serial Control.  (Make sure the correct port is selected for external control.  
(Com 1,2,or3) It automatically resets to none.)



Router patch may need to be re-established.

Layer Freeze, Function key definitions, Frame AOR definitions may need adjustment.




Setting frames into master mode
**Before beginning, create a backup file of your configuration(File/Backup)**



  1. Go to ‘tools’, ‘configure expansion link’.
  2. In the property panel, you will see the IP of each frame listed under ‘unmodified frames’.
  3. Drag each IP you wish to update into ‘individual frames’ and choose apply settings.
  4. The frames will do a soft restart and the front panel will read the current version installed(v2.x.x) and each frame will be a master frame(Frame ID 0)
  5. Once the frames have updated using the Spyder Update Utility(1-2 hours), go to ‘tools’, ‘configure expansion link’.
  6. Select the box ‘create new expansion group’ under ‘new configuration’
  7. Drag the IP of each frame in order of master, slave and choose apply settings. If needed, restore your back up file.


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