Cut/Fill (Linear Key) creation

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Cut/Fill (Linear Key) creation

This article will explain how to create a linear key in both X20 and 200/300 series systems.


Creating the linear key in X20 requires 2 video sources of the exact same resolution, a fill and a Cut(Linear key w/Alpha Mask for example) video feed.  You can use different connector types for your Cut/Fill source but they must be matching resolution.  A 1080p Fill with a 1080i Cut will work, for example. 

In the X20, build your cut source and then your fill source.  Next you will need to define the cut source as a Cut.  In the Input Configuration of the cut source, click on the Keying tab and choose Cut in the drill down.  Save the Input Config by click on the Save button.

Next, you need to define the fill source as a Fill in the input configuration.

Then you will need to define what the fill source is using as the cut. In this example I chose "Cut Source" in the Properties\Souces panel than select the Linear Key tab.  Choose the name of the cut source.(my cut source is named "Cut Source")

I like to drag out just my Cut source into the pixel space first and do an Autosync and make sure it is cutting out the Alpha(mask)
Remove the Cut Source from the pixel space and drag out the Fill Source and do an Autosync.

Even though you are using 2 Sources you only are consuming 1 layer and only need to bring out the Fill source onto your pixel space.  You should see the appropriate Cut/Fill now in your layer.

200/300 Series-

Creating the linear key in 200/300 series requires 2 video sources of the exact same resolution, a fill and a Cut(Linear key) video feed. These sources are defined exactly the same way as they are in the X20 example above with one exception, you do not define the name of the cut source within the fill source.  Just setting the Key Modes for each Cut and Fill is all that is needed.

Another difference is that in the 200/300 series, you must use 2 layers that are adjacent to each other and they are stacked on top of each other in the pixel space.  The Cut layer must always have the lower layer number and be stacked underneath the Fill layer.

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