X20 stuck in "connecting to internal comm"

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X20 stuck in "connecting to internal comm"

X20 stuck in Slave mode:

If your X20 Slave frame has been disconnected from Parallel expansion and upon a restart it does not boot up as a Master it will hang on “Connecting to Internal Com…” on the front LCD panel.  This means it still thinks it’s a Slave frame ID 1(or 2,3,etc). To fix this, connect mouse, monitor and keyboard or use Remote Desktop Connection to remote into the Slave frame.  If remoting in you will be prompted for a username and password.(Username- Cricket, Password-Cricket)

Go to C:\Applications\Cricketserver\<current running version of vista advanced>  R-Click on Systemsettings.xml and choose edit which will open up in Notepad.  

5th line from the bottom of the notepad file is Frame ID<X>Frame ID.  If in Master it will show 0. If in Slave mode it will say 1(or 2,3,etc)  

Make the edit (enter the value 0, for Master)in the notepad file and save.  Now reboot the server software(the App with the blue title bar) by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner. 

It will restart in 10-15 seconds and you’ll see the rebuilding data logs and the title bar will show eventually Frame:0 Version: <Current version running>16 Inputs 8 Outputs, for example.

If it is not stuck in slave mode: 

Cricket Log showing USB error: 

This is an indication that the output board cannot communicate with the Single Board Computer (SBC). Attempt to remote desktop into the system SBC or connect a monitor, mouse, and keyboard directly to the SBC.  Use the Microsoft Terminal service command (MSTSC)  to remote logon to the SBC, user name and password "Cricket"  or connect a monitor to the HD15 connector on the SBC. Whether remotely logged on or directly connected to the SBC, the spyder frame server should be observed running on the display.

If the log window is showing -1 input -1 output - Power down the system and then unplug all the cables except the power and Ethernet. Power on the unit and see if it boots up reading all input/output cards. Often times a bad or bent DVI cable will cause the unit to not fully boot up and be stuck at -1 -1. Also check to see if the system is seeing the USB driver in device manager. 

Can't see windows when a monitor is plugged in
Power down the unit. Power it back up and after the beep press "delete" until the BIOS page coms up. go to CMOS features and make sure "Halt on" is set to [no errors] ( CMOS battery 3.3 volt Sanyo CR2032 )

For further assistance please contact Christie Technical Support: techsupport-az@christiedigital.com or 888-404-4001

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