Setting up 2 X20's in Parallel

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Setting up 2 X20's in Parallel

Connecting 2 X20’s in parallel.

In a two X20’s Parallel System you will need a USB a-b cable.

Make sure that both units are running the same version software.

Power down the units and connect the USB B side to the output board of the master frame and connect the USB A side to the SBC on the slave frame. 




Connect a mouse, monitor and keyboard to your Slave frame or use Remote Desktop Connection (Username-Cricket, Password-Cricket) and remote into the OS. The Slave frame will/may prompt you 'Hardware found' click Ok.  Restart both frames.  Your remoted X20 frame may require the OS to be shutdown(front panel blue button will keep flashing)-In your remote session, click on the desktop-hit Alt F4.  Choose shutdown.


Upon restart the master frame will display "connecting to External Com" and the Slave will display "connecting to Internal Com"

In a 2 frame parallel system, the SBC of the slave frame is driving the expansion.  You should see the IP address of the slave frame displaying in the 

front panel of the master frame, v4.0.6, 32I 16O.  The slave frame front panel will display Frame ID 1.

See other article on creating a parallel configuration. Parallel Configuration


If you are having issues expanding the frames properly please contact Christie Technical Support: or 888-404-4001

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